Servers installation and management

Servers are the core and heart of your company’s operating systems and we know that

Servers installation and management

Integrated server solutions can help improve your business’s productivity and performance. Our dedicated team of server installation and management is made of experts in resolving performance, reliability or security issues. Your network data and security are in good hands with Techsol Group.

Our specialists are experienced with many types of server installation, configuration and control (including Windows Servers, Windows Small Business web servers, Exchange servers, Linux Servers…)

Part of our server knowledge includes the design, command and configuration of domain controllers, business email or corporate email, fax servers and applications.

Back-up storage servers are now essential to ensure disaster recovery. We prepare, create, install and migrate your server for any data recovery as well.

Firewall installation and management

We like to combine our Server installation and management services with our Firewall installation and management services: you must protect your network (and your company) with a firewall server that grants you control to monitor the web traffic of each user and keep your operations secured with strong antivirus/antimalware configuration for your servers.

Our server installation solutions also include server room set up, server racks, wireless and cable installation, bandwidth assessment, data flow mapping, and network design.

Don’t let something so important left to chance. Trust Techsol Group with your server installation and protection.

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Our well credentialed founding members have been involved in the digital sector since the early nineties and consequently, have witnessed remarkable advancements in technology and its almost infinite applications.


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