IP Security Cameras and Access Control

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IP Security Cameras and Access Control

Internet Protocol security cameras centralized to a NVR (network video recorder) and linked to alarm systems and recordings, are also connected to the Internet by WiFi or Ethernet cables. They are also called ‘webcams’ or ‘netcams’ when used in domestic surveillance. IP cameras make it possible to view the perimeter remotely

There are 3 types of IP cameras:

  • – WiFi Security Cameras, for simple monitoring.
  • – Wireless IP Cameras, for a flexible installation and discretion.
  • – HD IP Camera, for maximum coverage security, surveillance network and high definition.

Unlike analog cameras, they can send and receive data. IP cameras are available from a range of resolution settings that goes from VGA, HD, full-HD or ultra HD.

The huge mark in the pros section for IP cameras is that they can be directly accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and can be operated as a motion camera. You can see what happens in your office or building anytime from your own personal device and control the direction in which the camera is filming.

IP camera images allow many possibilities, including two-way audio (you can address the eventual robber and inform them that the police are on their way. Or, more randomly, assist a clerk with a customer remotely.) You can also secure data transmission through encryption and authentication. Additionally, of course, Power over Ethernet (PoE), to supply power through the ethernet cable and operate without a dedicated power supply. Some of the models also include advanced motion-detection technology or night vision.

Data Security and Insurance Conformity

The technology required for IP cameras does not allow DIY installation, especially if you have a network of cameras and wish to link the video surveillance to your alarm system. Each network camera is actually a computer with a CPU, an IP address and memory. The set-up can be very different from one brand to another and some technicians are specially qualified for this kind of installation and maintenance. It is strongly advised that if you wish to make your surveillance system like so, it is essential to ensure that it conforms to your insurance requirements.

Like any connected objects, IP cameras need to be installed with full respect to data security and in conformity to the respect of privacy for your employees. They also need to be protected against any attempt at piracy.

Techsol Group will assess your personal requirements before recommending a type of IP camera and your needs for a network of cameras on location. This is typically a customized service.

Access control

Techsol Group can also provide your company with service and tool to manage access to your facilities: office, warehouse, factory, parking…

Our Access Control services include surveillance systems, entry systems, proximity access control systems, motorized parking gates, barriers with secure remote control access, access badges and scanners, etc.

Security is a very sensitive and important matter for any company. We do not believe that one single solution can fit everyone needs, so our approach on this matter is customized.

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